Media & Entertainment industry been spread all around India and overseas da Vinci students have the opportunity to explore them. With Job oriented courses, da Vinci has been able to place students in leading production houses and studios such as Prime Focus, Redchillies, Tech Frames Animation Studio Private Limited, Tactus Studios, Namma TV, Green Gold Animation, Technicolor and Blue Frames Animation to name few.

da Vinci provides job oriented courses in Animation, VFX, Web design & Development, Interior Design, Video editing and Graphics to prepare students for different job roles in the media and entertainment industry globally.

There are many Animation Studios, Production Houses, TV Channels, Gaming Studios, Corporate Companies and Advertising Agencies who are continuously looking out for Animators, VFX Artists, Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Gaming Experts, Website Developers, Photographers and Editors to work with them. Da Vinci students are skilled and talented individuals who are professionally trained as per the demand of the industry to fit in the organisations of their respective fields.

da Vinci prepares the students for jobs by bridging the gap between industry requirements and the existent skill set of the students.

creativity focused training

Creativity focused training to improve creativity can be highly effective. Cognitive approach towards the development of creativity training has consistently contributed to the effectiveness of creativity training. For promoting creativity trainings emphasizes on the idea generation, problem finding, conceptual combination, idea generation, visual reading, out-of-the- box thinking, artistic creativity, analytical mind to name few.

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